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18 Miles of Surfer Heaven, April 2013 (Interview).

OUTSIDE (Online)

5 Best Alternative Thanksgiving Meats, November 2012 (Round-Up).


Top American Chocolate Tours, October 2012 (Feature Slideshow).

World’s Most Cultured Beach Cities, August 2012 (Feature Slideshow).


World’s Best Cities for Architecture Lovers, June 2012 (Photo Slideshow).


World’s Best Cities for Architecture Lovers, June 2012 (Photo Slideshow - Syndicated as “Top Headline” from Conde Nast).


Mixed Media: Wilderness Interactions, November/December 2012 (Short Feature).

Heart of High School: Branson Commons, Comfort Zone / Green Design, August/September 2012 (Profile).

Inner City Outings’ Melaina Sharpe, Bulletin Q&A, August/September 2012 (Interview).


A Creepy Scottish Cycling Trip with Rapha, June 2012 (Video).

Exercise Outdoors: Yoga in the Sun, Open-Water Swimming, Run the Trails, Spin on a Mountain Bike, June 2012 (Four-Part Series).

Follow Water Quality Robots on Twitter, May 2012 (Short Feature).

Getting the Shot: Photographer Lyle Madeson, May 2012 (Short Feature).

Climber Chris Sharma Fights for Home State Park, May 2012 (Short Feature).

Surfing and Exploring British Columbia, April 2012 (Video).

Q&A: Extreme Skier and Consultant Alison Gannett, April 2012 (Interview).

Microscopic Art in a Drop of Water, April 2012 (Video + Interview).

Q&A: Surfer and Filmmaker Kyle Thiermann, March 2012 (Interview).

V13 Boulder Route Now Ruled by 10-Year-Old, March 2012 (Video).

3 Outdoor Adventure Records Broken this Week, March 2012 (Video).

Experience Human Flight with Birdmen, March 2012 (Video).


Building a Future for Rwandan Women, Brick by Brick, GOOD Design, March 2012 (Feature).


I’m Proof That: There is Creativity in Climbing, Artist/Climber Gail Rothschild, March 2012 (Profile).


Showing His Son the Ropes: A Father Tows His Teenager at Puerto Viejo de Limon, April 2011 (Feature).

It’s Pumping: A Board Made for Chevron was a Gas, February 2011 (Feature).


Chronicles: Tenors and Tiramisu at Ferrara’s Cafe & Bakery, July 2010 (Feature).

Chronicles: Revolution at Cherry Lane, June 2010 (Feature).

Goya + Rosario Weiss: All in the Family, June 2010 (Feature).

Art Interview: Peter Eeley + Queens, NY, July 2010 (Interview).

Extended Travel: Louisiana MoMA, Denmark, July 2010 (Round-Up).

2 Days in: Skagen, Denmark, July 2010 (Round-Up).

Museyon’s Guide to…The Roskilde Festival, June 2010 (Round-Up).

2 Days in: Porto, Portugal, June 2010 (Round-Up).

AROUND THE WORLD WITH 40 LONELY PLANET BLOGGERS for my 2009-2010 travel blog, The Hussainity Defense, May 2011 (E-Book).


Renewable Energy: Current and Potential Issues, December 2002 (Group Paper).

MATADOR NETWORK (selected works / full list here)

Worst-Case Scenario: Finding Friends When the Leash Breaks, March 2011 (Essay Feature).

Lessons on Snowboarding for the Mediocre Surfer, February 2011 (Essay Feature).

Changing Air Sports, One Dogfight at a Time, November 2010 (Feature).

A Tribute to Cold Water Surfing, September 2010 (Photo Feature). 

Alaias: How an Old-School Board is Making Surfing Greener, August 2010 (Feature).

Surfers & Sports Anglers Speak Out on BP Oil Spill, July 2010 (Feature).

Discovering Kindness in Denmark’s ‘Cold Hawaii,’ November 2009 (Essay Feature).

Croatian Adventurer Daniel Lacko, June 2011 (Interview).

Giving Up Control, Finding Clarity:  Photographer Jimmy Chin, June 2011 (Interview).

John Sterling of the Conservation Alliance, October 2010 (Interview).

5 Ways to Avoid Bear Attacks, August 2011 (Round-Up).

6 Creative Ways to Cross-Train, January 2011 (Round-Up).

20 Yoga Retreats Around the World, December 2010 (Round-Up).

7 East Coast Surf Spots for the ASP World Tour, December 2010 (Round-Up).

6 Yoga Poses for Skiers, Cyclists, Rock Climbers and Surfers, (4 parts), September - November 2010 (Round-Up).

16-Year-Old Laura Dekker Sails Around the World, January 2012 (Short Blog).

Digging Deep to Summit (then Ski) Denali [VID], November 2011 (Short Blog).

Filming the North Face Climbers in Chad’s Ennedi Desert [VID], August 2011 (Short Blog).

Three Yosemite Hikers Dead After Being Swept Over Waterfall, July 2011 (Short Blog).

Slowboarding as Art [VID], December 2010 (Short Blog).

Mapping AIDS in Africa [Infographic], November 2010 (Short Blog).